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HP is working to weave diversity, inclusion and work/life into the fabric of our company, so it is
everything we do. Here are some examples of how we are putting
to work to create an inclusive
environment focused on connecting people to the power of technology throughout the world.
Finding the technology tools you need
Technology can unleash your human potential. Assistive technology removes barriers and helps you create
independence at home, at work, and in the community. Assistive technology helps increase, maintain, and
improve the functional capabilities of electronic and information technology. For more information, see
Finding the best assistive technology
on page
Our commitment
HP is committed to providing products and services that are accessible for people with disabilities. This
commitment supports our company's diversity objectives and helps us ensure that the
of technology
are available to all.
Our accessibility goal is to design, produce, and market products and services that can be
used by
everyone, including people with disabilities, either on a stand-alone basis or with appropriate assistive
To achieve our goal, this Accessibility Policy establishes seven key objectives to guide our actions as a
company. All HP managers and employees are expected to support these objectives and their implementation
in accordance with their roles and responsibilities:
Raise the level of awareness of accessibility issues within our company, and provide our employees with
the training they need to design, produce, market, and deliver accessible products and services.
Develop accessibility guidelines for products and services, and hold product development groups
accountable for implementing these guidelines where competitively, technically, and economically
Involve people with disabilities in the development of accessibility guidelines, and in the design and
testing of products and services.
Document accessibility features and make information about our products and services publicly
available in an accessible form.
Establish relationships with leading assistive technology and solution providers.
Support internal and external research and development that will improve assistive technology relevant
to our products and services.
Support and contribute to industry standards and guidelines for accessibility.
International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)
IAAP is a
association focused on advancing the accessibility profession through networking,
education, and
The objective is to help accessibility professionals develop and advance their
careers and to better enable organizations to integrate accessibility into their products and infrastructure.