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Getting started
This computer is a powerful tool designed to enhance your work and entertainment. Read this chapter to
learn about best practices after you set up your computer, fun things to do with your computer, and where to
additional HP resources.
Important information about Microsoft Windows
Your product includes one of many versions of Microsoft Windows. Each Windows version provides a
feature set and may include some limitations. For example, products shipping with Windows 10 S may not
support the following:
HP Support Assistant
HP PC Diagnostics Windows
HP Recovery Manager and the HP Recovery partition
This guide notes where features or functionality may not be provided with your operating system. You can
upgrade your operating system at any time to enable additional features and functionality. For additional
information about the features and functionality of your operating system, or to get information about
upgrading your operating system, go to
Best practices
After you set up and register the computer, we recommend the following steps to get the most out of your
smart investment:
Back up your hard drive by creating recovery media. See
Backing up, restoring, and recovering
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If you haven’t already done so, connect to a wired or wireless network. See details in
Connecting to a
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Become familiar with the computer hardware and software. For more information, see
Getting to know
your computer
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Enjoying entertainment features
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Update or purchase antivirus software. See
Using antivirus software
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Important information about Microsoft Windows