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Click the question mark icon in the taskbar.
, select the
Diagnostics and tools
tab, and then select
HP Battery Check
. If HP Battery
Check indicates that your battery should be replaced, contact support.
HP Support Assistant provides the following tools and information about the battery:
HP Battery Check
Information about battery types,
life cycles, and capacity
Conserving battery power
To conserve battery power and maximize battery life:
Lower the brightness of the display.
Select the
Power saver
setting in Power Options.
If the computer will be unused and unplugged from external power for more than 2 weeks, remove the
user-replaceable battery from the computer and store it separately in a cool, dry place.
wireless devices when you are not using them.
Disconnect unused external devices that are not plugged into an external power source, such as an
external hard drive connected to a USB port.
Stop, disable, or remove any external media cards that you are not using.
Before you leave your work, initiate Sleep or shut down the computer.
Identifying low battery levels
When a battery that is the sole power source for the computer reaches a low or critical battery level, the
following behavior occurs:
The battery light (select products only) indicates a low or critical battery level.
– or –
The power meter icon
shows a low or critical battery
For additional information about the power meter, see
Using the power meter and power
on page
The computer takes the following actions for a critical battery level:
If Hibernation is disabled and the computer is on or in the Sleep state, the computer remains
the Sleep state and then shuts down and loses any unsaved information.
If Hibernation is enabled and the computer is on or in the Sleep state, the computer initiates
Chapter 6
Managing power