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To use operating system controls:
control panel
in the taskbar search box, and then select
Control Panel
Network and Internet
, and then select
Network and Sharing Center
For more information, see the information provided in the Get started app.
Select the
button, and then select the
Get started
Connecting to a WLAN
When you are setting up Internet access in your home, you must establish an account with an
Internet service provider (ISP). To purchase Internet service and a modem, contact a local ISP. The ISP will
help set up the modem, install a network cable to connect your wireless router to the modem, and test the
Internet service.
To connect to a WLAN, follow these steps:
Be sure that the WLAN device is on.
Select the network status icon in the taskbar, and then connect to one of the available networks.
If the WLAN is a security-enabled WLAN, you are prompted to enter a security code. Enter the code, and
then select
to complete the connection.
If no WLANs are listed, you may be out of range of a wireless router or access point.
If you do not see the WLAN you want to connect to, right-click the network status icon in the
taskbar, and then select
Open Network and Sharing Center
. Select
Set up a new connection or
. A list of options is displayed, allowing you to manually search for and connect to a network or
to create a new network connection.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.
After the connection is made, select the network status icon at the far right of the taskbar, to verify the name
and status of the connection.
The functional range (how far your wireless signals travel) depends on WLAN implementation, router
manufacturer, and interference from other electronic devices or structural barriers such as walls and
Using HP Mobile Broadband (select products only)
Your HP Mobile Broadband computer has built-in support for mobile broadband service. Your new computer,
when used with a mobile operator’s network, gives you the freedom to connect to the Internet, send e-mail,
or connect to your corporate network without the need for Wi-Fi hotspots.
If your computer includes HP DataPass, the instructions in this section do not apply. See
Using HP
DataPass (select products only)
on page
You might need the HP Mobile Broadband Module IMEI and/or MEID number to activate mobile broadband
service. The number may be printed on a label located on the bottom of your computer, inside the battery bay,
under the service door, or on the back of the display.
– Or –
Connecting to a wireless network