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Right side
Power light
On: The computer is on.
Blinking: The computer is in the Sleep state, a power-
saving state. The computer shuts
power to the display
and other unneeded components.
The computer is
or in Hibernation. Hibernation is a
power-saving state that uses the least amount of power.
Hard drive light
Blinking white: The hard drive is being accessed.
USB 2.0 port
Connects an optional USB device, such as a keyboard, mouse,
external drive, printer, scanner or USB hub.
Optical drive
Depending on your computer, reads an optical disc or reads and
writes to an optical disc.
For disc compatibility information, go to the Support
web page. Follow the web page instructions to select your
computer. Select
Drivers & Downloads
, and then follow the on-
screen instructions.
Optical drive eject button
Releases the disc tray.
Security cable slot
Attaches an optional security cable to the computer.
The security cable is designed to act as a deterrent, but
it may not prevent the computer from being mishandled or
Right side