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Dell and the environment
Bamboo — Nature’s eco-friendly packaging
To help achieve the shared goal of finding new ways
to help preserve our planet’s natural resources,
Dell provides practical, but innovative packaging
solutions that help minimize environmental effects.
Less packaging means less hassle for customers.
Recyclable packaging makes it easy to dispose. And
sustainable materials are good for our planet.
Bamboo packaging is used to ship several Dell
For easy disposal, our bamboo packaging is
biodegradable and certified ‘compostable’ by the Soil
Control Lab.
We know that responsible sourcing is important to
you, so our bamboo is sourced from a forest far
away from pandas’ known habitats.
Join the Plant a tree program
Dell created the Plant a Tree program to make it
easy for you to offset the greenhouse gas emissions
from your computer equipment and to help build a
healthier planet — one tree and forest at a time.
Recycle with Dell
As you upgrade computers and electronics, please
join our efforts to keep technology out of the
world’s landfills. Recycling your home and business
computers with us is fast, convenient and secure.
Do yourself and your planet a favor. Dispose of your
technology responsibly with Dell.