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Resetting BIOS password
Resetting BIOS password
BIOS passwords are used to add extra security to computers. You can
configure your computer to prompt for a password when booting or when
entering BIOS setup program.
Use one of the following methods, depending on your computer type, to
reset lost or forgotten BIOS passwords.
CAUTION: Resetting the BIOS password involves clearing all data
from the CMOS. If you have changed any BIOS settings, you must
make those changes again after resetting the password.
Remove the CMOS battery
Read the safety instructions before working inside
your computer.
Almost all system boards use a coin-cell battery that helps retain BIOS
settings, including the password. To reset the password, remove the
coin-cell battery, wait for 15 to 30 minutes, and then replace the coin-cell
For more information on the location of the coin-cell battery and
instruction on removing and replacing it, see the
Service Manual
Use system‑board jumper
System-board jumper is available only on desktop computers.
Almost all system boards on desktop computers contain a jumper to clear
CMOS settings along with the BIOS password. The location of this jumper
varies depending upon the system board. Look for the jumpers near the
CMOS battery, usually labeled as CLR, CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS, and so on.
For procedure on clearing passwords and clearing CMOS settings, see your
Service Manual