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Changing BIOS settings
BIOS stores hardware information about your computer and passes on the
information to the operating system when the computer boots up. You can
make changes to the basic hardware settings stored in the BIOS using BIOS
setup program.
You can use BIOS setup program to:
• Set or change a user-selectable option such as the user password.
• Determine the devices installed on your computer, such as amount of
memory, type of hard drive, and so on.
• Change the system configuration information after you add, change,
or remove any hardware in your computer.
Changing BIOS settings
CAUTION: Incorrect settings in BIOS setup program may cause your
computer to not boot, work incorrectly, or damage your computer.
You may need to change settings such as date and time, boot devices and
boot sequence, enable or disable PowerShare, and so on. To change the
settings, enter BIOS setup program, locate the setting that you want to
change, and follow the instructions on the screen.
Entering BIOS setup program
Turn on or restart your computer.
Press <F2> at the Dell logo to enter BIOS setup program.
If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears,
continue to wait until you see the Windows desktop, then restart your
computer and try again.