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Solution Station
PC Checkup
PC checkup is available only on selected models.
Use PC Checkup to check your hard-drive usage, run hardware diagnostics,
and track the changes made to your computer.
Drive Space Manager
— Manage your hard drive using a visual
representation of the space consumed by each type of file.
Performance and Configuration History
— Monitor system events and
changes over time. This utility displays all hardware scans, tests, system
changes, critical events, and restoration points of the system.
Detailed System Information
— View detailed information about
your hardware and operating system configurations; access copies
of your service contracts, warranty information, and warranty
renewal options.
Get Help
— View Dell Technical Support options, Customer
Support, Tours and Training, Online Tools, Service Manual, Warranty
Information, FAQs, and so on.
Backup and Recovery
— Access system recovery tools that allow
you to:
Create a Dell Factory Image Restore file on your computer to
restore your computer at a later point.
Create a Backup and Recovery media.
System Performance Improvement Offers
– Acquire software and
hardware solutions that help improve your system performance.
Solution Station
Solution Station is a one stop shop for premium support services providing
computer configuration and maintenance, networking setup and support,
home entertainment installation, and so on.
You can choose from one of the following support categories depending
on your needs:
Phone support, On‑site support (in‑home support),
or online services.
Featured services include a free PC health check to optimize and speed-up
your computer, help with common errors and troubleshooting, virus and
spyware removal, wireless-network setup, and more. You can also find
articles and FAQs on the most common problems and instructions on
performing common tasks.
The support categories provide flexible pricing and varying degrees of
customer involvement in issue resolution.