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eSATA allows you to connect external storage devices, such as hard drives
and optical drives, to your computer. It provides the same bandwidth as
internal SATA ports.
Your computer may have a standalone eSATA port or an eSATA/USB
combo port.
Visual Graphics Array (VGA)
Visual Graphics Array (VGA) allows you to connect to monitors, projectors,
and so on.
You can connect to a HDMI or DVI port using the VGA to HDMI or VGA to
DVI adapters respectively.
Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
Digital Visual Interface (DVI) allows you to connect your computer to
displays such as flat‑panel monitors, projectors, and so on.
There are three types of DVI connections:
DVI-D (DVI-Digital)
— DVI‑D transmits digital video‑signals between
the video card and the digital display. This provides fast and high‑quality
video output.
DVI-A (DVI-Analog)
— DVI‑A transmits analog video‑signals to an
analog display such as a CRT monitor or an analog LCD monitor.
DVI- I (DVI-Integrated)
— DVI‑I is an integrated connector that can
transmit a digital or an analog signal. This port is more versatile as it can
be used in both digital and analog connections.
DisplayPort provides digital connection between your computer and display
devices such as monitors, projectors, and so on. It supports both video
and audio signals. DisplayPort was designed specifically to be used with
computer displays.
Mini DisplayPort
Mini DisplayPort is a smaller version of the DisplayPort.
DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort are compatible with each other
but the ports and connectors vary in size. If the port sizes are different,
use a converter.