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Charging the battery
Using your computer
Charging the battery
Connect the power adapter to your computer or tablet to charge the battery.
The battery gets charged when the computer or tablet is in use or turned
off. The internal circuitry of the battery prevents it from overcharging.
If the battery becomes too hot due to being in a hot
environment, it may not charge when you connect the power adapter.
Allow the battery to cool down for it to resume charging.
For steps on improving the battery life of your computer,
“Improving battery life”
Using your keyboard
Press the keys on your physical keyboard or tap the characters on the
on‑screen keyboard to type text and to perform other functions.
Keyboard shortcuts
Some keys on the laptop keyboard, and some external keyboards,
may perform two or more functions when pressed along with other special
keys, such as Fn. Some computers allow you to select the default behavior
of the key using BIOS setup program or using keyboard shortcuts.
Ctrl, Shift and Esc
Open the
Task Manager
Fn and F8
Toggle between display devices — main
display only, duplicate, extend to both
displays, and second display only.
Highlight the desired icon to switch the
display to that option.
Fn and up‑arrow key
Increase brightness on an integrated
display only (not on an external display).
Fn and down‑arrow key
Decrease brightness on the integrated
display only (not on an external display).
Windows and L key
Lock the system.