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Modems allow you to connect your computer or router to the internet.
Modems can be analog (dial-up) or digital (DSL or cable). DSL or cable
modems are generally provided by your internet service provider.
• Dial-up modem — Electronic devices that convert analog phone signals
into digital signals that the computer can process and digital computer
signals into analog signals that can be transmitted over the telephone
lines. Dial-up modems can be internal or external.
• Digital modem — Used to send and receive data to and from a digital
telephone line, like Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or Integrated Services
Digital Network (ISDN).
A router is a device that forwards data between computer networks.
The most familiar type of routers are home and small office routers that
allow you to share your internet connection between multiple devices at
the  same time.
Routers can be wired or wireless. A wired router allows you to connect your
computer using a Ethernet (RJ45) cable. Most wired home routers have four
ports allowing you to connect up to four computers to the internet at the
same time. A wireless router uses Wi-Fi technology allows you to wirelessly
connect your phones, tablets, computers, and other devices to the network.
Wireless routers can connect to several devices at the same time. For more
information, see the documentation for your router.
Network‑Interface Controller (NIC)
Network-Interface Controllers (NIC), also referred to as network adapters or
Local-Area Network (LAN) adapters, connect to a network using an Ethernet
cable. NICs can be internal (integrated to the system board) or external
(expansion cards). Most new computers have integrated network adapters.
Wireless Local‑Area Network (WLAN) Adapter
WLAN adapters use Wi-Fi technology and allow your devices to connect to
a wireless router. Your computer may have an internal (expansion cards or
integrated to the system board) or an external WLAN adapter.