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System board
System board
A system board forms the central part of computers. All other devices
connect to the system board to be able to interact with each other.
The system board holds various controllers and connectors that help in
exchange of data among various components of the computer. A system
board may also have integrated graphics, sound, and network capabilities.
Some important components of a system board are:
• Processor socket
• Memory-module connectors
• Expansion-card slots
• CMOS to store the BIOS
The chipset controls the components on the system board and allows
communication between various components. Generally, the chipset is part
of the system board. However, with some new generation processors, the
chipset may be integrated in the processor.
Processors receive data and instructions from applications and process the
data as requested by the software.
Processors are designed specifically for desktops, laptops, mobile devices,
and so on. Generally, the processor designed for one type of device cannot
be used on another type of device.
Processors designed for laptops and mobile devices consume less power
compared to the processors designed for desktops or servers.