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The backlit keyboard on Dell laptops have different lighting states. Press the
Fn and the right-arrow key to switch between the various lighting states.
Backlit keyboard may not be available on all computers. To check
if backlit keyboard is available on your computer, see the
of your computer at
On‑screen keyboard
On-screen keyboards are available on almost all computers and tablets,
however, they are generally used in touch screen devices such as tablets
and all-in-one computers. You can select the keys using a mouse or by
touching the keys on a touch screen.
Keyboard connection types
Keyboards can be connected to your computer with a cable (wired) or using
wireless signals (wireless).
Wired keyboards are connected to the computer using a cable (generally
USB) and do not require additional power source, such as batteries.
Wireless keyboards use Radio Frequency (RF) or Bluetooth (BT) to connect
to your computer. This reduces cable clutter and gives you the flexibility to
use the keyboard from a more comfortable position within a few meters
from the computer. Such keyboards require batteries to operate.
Keyboard that use RF technology usually ship with a receiver that you
must connect to your computer. Bluetooth keyboards can pair with your
computer’s built-in Bluetooth card or an external Bluetooth adapter.