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Allows you to video chat, capture photos, and record videos.
3D camera
3D camera allows you to capture and stream three-dimensional images,
making it possible to perceive distance, size, dimensions of objects through
the built-in sensors. This enables enhanced interactivity during video
conferencing, online gaming, and so on.
Intel RealSense 3D camera
RealSense cameras feature three lenses, a standard 2D camera for regular
photo and video, along with an infrared camera and an infrared laser
projector. The infrared parts allow RealSense to see the distance between
objects, separating objects from the background layers behind them
and allowing for much better object, facial, and gesture recognition than
a traditional camera. The devices come in three flavors: front-facing,
rear-facing, and snapshot.
Wireless display
The wireless display feature allows you to share your computer display with
a compatible TV without the use of cables. To check if your TV supports this
feature, see the documentation of the TV.
Wireless display may not be supported on all computers. For
more information, see
Keyboards allow you to type characters and perform special functions using
shortcut keys. The number of keys and the characters available may differ
based on the country where the keyboard is shipped.
Laptops have built-in keyboards. Tablets generally have on-screen
keyboards and some tablets also support external keyboards. Dell desktops
have an external keyboard connected using USB or wireless signals.
The common keys available on the keyboard are:
• Alphanumeric keys for typing letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols
• Multimedia and application shortcut keys
• Control keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Esc, and the Windows key