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Batteries are mainly classified by their power ratings, such as 45 WHr,
65 WHr, and so on. The battery allows you to use your device when it is not
connected to a power outlet.
The life cycle of the battery is the number of time it can be discharged
and recharged without affecting the operating time significantly. After the
battery life-cycle reaches its end, you must replace the battery.
Depending on the computer model, the battery on your computer may be
user replaceable or may require a Dell service technician to replace.
High-capacity batteries generally have a longer life-cycle, since
you need to charge high-capacity batteries less often compared to
low capacity batteries.
For tips on improving the battery life, see
“Improving battery life”
Coin‑cell battery
Coin-cell battery provides power to the Complementary Metal-Oxide
Semiconductor (CMOS) chip while the computer is turned off. The CMOS
chip contains the time, date, and other configuration information about
your computer.
Under normal usage conditions, the coin-cell battery can last for several
years. The factors that affect coin-cell battery life are type of system board,
temperature, the time for which the computer is powered off, and so on.