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Setting up your computer
Setting up your webcam
Integrated webcam
The integrated webcam is present on the laptop display or external display.
If you order the webcam along with your computer, the drivers and software
are installed when you receive your computer. Use the media shipped with
the computer only to reinstall them. For more information on using the
webcam, see
“Using the webcam”
External webcam
Use the media that is shipped with your webcam to install the drivers and
other required software to use all the features of your webcam. For more
information, see the documentation that shipped with your webcam.
Setting up bluetooth
You can enable Bluetooth on your computer by turning on the wireless.
Most laptops and tablets are shipped with a built‑in Buletooth card.
To pair a device with your computer or tablet, see
“Using Bluetooth”
To find out if your computer or tablet has an internal
Bluetooth card, see the
of your computer or tablet at
Setting up Intel RealSense 3D camera
The Intel RealSense 3D camera captures pictures or records videos. Pictures
taken with the Intel RealSense Snapshot can feature depth or motion effects.
The Intel App Showcase provides access to a library of apps the customer
can download to take advantage of the Intel RealSense 3D Camera.
Intel RealSense may not be supported on all computers and
tablets. For more information, see