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If you experience any of the following difficulties, use this troubleshooting
guide to help you remedy the problem.
AIBO does not react to release
of the pause button.
AIBO continues to emit a sad
melody and does not move
when the pause button is
It takes a long time for AIBO
to move.
AIBO tries to walk but it does
not move forward.
AIBO falls often.
AIBO cannot get up after
After picking AIBO up, it
stops moving.
AIBO goes back to sleep right
after waking it up.
The chest light flashes rapidly.
Though AIBO flashes its eye
lights and makes sound, it
does not move its legs.
The battery pack is not installed.
Press the pause button and install the battery pack (see page 28).
Restart AIBO by pressing the pause button again.
The “Memory Stick” is not inserted.
Press the pause button and insert the “Memory Stick.” Restart
AIBO by pressing the pause button again (see page 28).
AIBO is loading the data from the “Memory Stick.” Wait for a
The floor may be too slippery.
Place AIBO on a surface that is not too slippery, such as a carpet
with a short nap.
The floor may be too slippery, inclined or unstable.
Place AIBO on a flat surface that is not too slippery.
AIBO sometimes cannot get up by itself. Help it at those times (see
page 53).
Press the touch sensor on the top of AIBO’s head for more than five
seconds to revive it.
Internal heat may have built up.
Wait for a while until the internal temperature falls, then shake
AIBO awake.
AIBO falls asleep depending on its emotion or instinct.
There may be a problem with the battery pack.
Replace it with a new one (see page 76).
When AIBO is picked up from the floor or if your fingers get
caught between its legs or neck, AIBO will automatically stop all its
motors. To revive AIBO from this state, place it on the floor (see
step 5 on page 29) and press the touch sensor for more than 5
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