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On handling the station
• When AIBO is on the station, do not place anything that may obstruct
AIBO’s movement nearby.
• Do not touch the charging terminal directly with your hand. Doing so may
soil the terminal and cause poor contact.
• Do not insert anything other than the supplied battery pack into the extra
battery slot.
• Do not apply excessive force on the station with your hand or elbow.
• Do not apply strong physical shock to the station or drop it.
• Do not leave the station in a location subject to excessively high
temperatures. Leaving the station in places such as a car parked in the sun
with its windows closed may alter or damage the station.
• Do not let the station get wet.
On handling the “M emory Stick”
To protect the saved data on the “Memory Stick,” observe the following.
• The supplied “Memory Stick” is an accessory of AIBO ERS-111. Using it
for saving data of personal computers or video camera recorders may
cause damage to AIBO.
• Do not touch the terminal
with your hand or metal objects.
• Do not set the safety switch
to LOCK. If you do so, AIBO cannot save or
erase the data.
• The saved data may be erased or broken:
When removing the “Memory Stick” or the battery pack from AIBO
during data-loading / saving
When using the “Memory Stick” in a place subject to static electricity or
electric noise
• Do not put anything other than the exclusive sticker on
. A sticker has
already been put on at the factory.
• Do not bend, drop or apply strong physical shock to the “Memory Stick.”
• Do not disassemble or modify the “Memory Stick.”
• Do not use or store the “Memory Stick” in places subject to:
Excessively high temperatures, such as a car parked in the sun
Direct sunlight
High humidity or corrosive gas
• When carrying or storing the “Memory Stick,” keep it in the supplied case.
Notes on use
What is “Memory Stick”?
The supplied “Memory
Stick” corresponds to the
entertainment robot
“AIBO” ERS-111, and
stores AIBO-ware (AIBO’s
operating program).
“Memory Stick”, “
and “
are trademarks of Sony
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