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Notes on use
To prevent AIBO and its accessories from being damaged, observe the
On handling AIBO
• Do not subject AIBO to vibration, or use it in an inclined position or in a
place where it is possible for AIBO to drop.
• Do not apply excessive force on AIBO with your hand or elbow.
• Do not apply strong physical shock to AIBO or drop it. Doing so may erase
the saved data on the “Memory Stick” or cause damage.
• Do not touch the charging terminal directly with your hand. Doing so may
soil the terminal and cause poor contact.
• Pick up AIBO by the body, not by its extremities such as the head, ears, tail
or legs. Do not swing or twist it.
• Do not leave AIBO in a location subject to excessively high temperatures.
Leaving it in hot places such as a car parked in the sun with windows
closed may deform or damage it.
• Do not allow foreign matter, such as paper clips, get into AIBO or its joints.
• Do not use AIBO outdoors. Doing so may allow foreign matter to get into it
and cause damage.
• Do not use AIBO on a concrete or other hard floor as that may damage
Do not let AIBO get wet.
• Do not touch the lens of the color camera directly with your hand.
Do not damage the head cover of AIBO.
• Do not put a sticker on the color camera or on the head cover.
• Regardless whether AIBO is turned on or off, do not point the color camera
at the sun. Doing so may damage the camera.
• Do not oil movable parts, such as joints, of AIBO.
• Do not put a sticker on the movable parts or insert anything between them.
Doing so may obstruct AIBO’s movement.
• Be sure to keep the shoulder cover closed except in case of an emergency.
• Do not block the ventilation slots with your hand or by putting stickers on
them. Doing so may cause internal heat buildup.
• Do not disassemble or modify AIBO or the station.
• When transporting AIBO, put it in a cushioned box like the one it came in
to prevent damage to its body, head, tail or legs.
• Do not use AIBO in a place subject to strong electromagnetic waves or X-
M oisture condensation
If AIBO is brought directly from a cold place to a warm place, moisture may
condense inside or on the surface of it and cause it damage. If moisture
condensation has occurred, wait for about one hour before operating it.
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