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Charging the battery pack and
adjusting the volume
Replacing the battery pack
AIBO is usually charged on the station with the battery installed. You can
also replace AIBO’s empty battery with a fully charged battery pack.
Press the pause button, and wait until the chest light turns off and the beep sound
AIBO starts saving the data of its maturity level and activities on the
“Memory Stick.”
When AIBO shows the “charging posture” and stops moving on its own, the
chest light does not flash even if you press the pause button. In this case, the data
saving on the “Memory Stick” has already been completed. Go on to step 2.
Hold securely by its body and open the rear cover.
Slide the unlock button to open the cover.
• Pick up AIBO by the body, not by its extremities.
• Do not touch the charging terminal on the underside of AIBO directly with
your hand. Doing so may soil the terminal and cause poor contact.
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