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Playing games with AIBO
Help AIBO escape a maze.
Prepare a labyrinth by placing books,
blocks, or video-tapes on a flat floor.
The path width should be
within 8 and 12 in., the radius of a corner within 10 and 12 in.
Place AIBO at the starting line and put it in the game mode. Try
your skill with the game commands to help AIBO reach the goal:
move forward, move backward, stop, turn to the right, and turn
to the left.
You can compete the goal time with other AIBOs.
In this game gain as much points as possible by making AIBO
carry sticks to the goal within a given time. AIBO can hold sticks
the size and weight of pencils, pens and chopsticks. Prepare a
goal by placing an empty box on a flat floor. Have a few sticks
ready at the starting line. Place AIBO at the starting line and put
it in the game mode.
To make AIBO carry a stick, press the
button of the sound
controller. When AIBO opens its mouth and lowers its head,
place a stick in its mouth.
AIBO will close its mouth and raise its
head. Use the same commands as in the labyrinth game to help
AIBO reach the goal without dropping the stick. When AIBO
reachs the goal, press the
button to release the stick from its
mouth. You can also try combining this game with the maze, or
set different points according to the sticks.
Do not make AIBO carry big sticks or heavy objects.
This may result in a
malfunction or damage.
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