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Playing games w ith AIBO
You can enjoy various games with AIBO in the game mode.
Below are some examples.
You can play soccer using two pairs of AIBO and sound
controllers. Prepare a goal post by placing books and empty
boxes on a flat floor. See “Controlling two AIBOs” on page 69 to
set up AIBO and the controller. Each AIBO should follow only
the respective sound controller’s instructions. When playing
soccer, set the ball tracking function to ON. Place the supplied
soccer ball at the center circle to kick off.
Operate AIBO so that it faces the soccer ball. When AIBO is
looking around, it means it is searching for the ball. If the soccer
ball is not in front of AIBO or if the soccer ball is moving too fast,
AIBO may lose sight of it.
For fun, you can make AIBO express joy after scoring a goal by
using the
button. You can also make AIBO do a sad gesture
by using the
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