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How to use this instruction manual
Thank you for purchasing “AIBO” ERS-111. This manual will assist you in
building your new relationship with this entertainment robot. Before
operating AIBO, please thoroughly read this manual and retain it for future
Getting started
To get AIBO to move
See “Getting started” on page 27. Preparation, basic operation and what you
should do after playing are described.
To enjoy AIBO’s autonomous activity, its performances or AIBO in a
See respectively, “Living with AIBO” on page 49, “Enjoying AIBO’s
performances” on page 62 and “Playing games” on page 66.
Understanding AIBO for a fulfilling partnership
To understand AIBO in detail
See “Introduction to ERS-111 “AIBO”” on page 12. You can find out exactly
what kind of robot AIBO is.
To communicate w ith AIBO
See “Features of AIBO” on page 13, “Capabilities of the sound controller” on
page 16, “Communicating via touch sensor” on page 52 and
“Communicating via objects (the ball)” on page 52. You can understand how
to communicate with AIBO through its senses of touch, vision and hearing.
To understand the activity pattern of AIBO
See “AIBO’s motion modes” on page 44. You will be able to find out about
AIBO’s other possibilities than as an autonomous robot.
Getting to know the mind of autonomous AIBO
See “A psychological peek into your robot” on page 54. You can understand
principle of AIBO’s activity in the autonomous mode.
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