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A psychological peek into your
AIBO has four key instincts which strongly contribute to motives
of its actions (love instinct, search instinct, movement instinct
and recharge instinct).
Love instinct:
AIBO is naturally inclined to interact with people who will give
it care. If left alone for an extended period of time, AIBO will feel
an urge to play.
Search instinct:
AIBO is a fun loving, curious robotic creature who enjoys
discovering new things, satisfying its curiosity. If AIBO does not
see its favorite colors or if it does not sense any movement in its
surroundings for a long period of time, it will become restless
and will look for something new.
Movement instinct:
AIBO enjoys moving around, playing and having new
experiences. If idle for an extended period of time, AIBO will
start to move around on its own.
Recharge instinct:
For survival, AIBO is well aware that it must “eat.” Lithium Ion
batteries are on the bill of fare for AIBO and batteries are craved
almost like clockwork throughout the day between activities.
When AIBO is low on batteries, it will request to be charged and
show the “charging posture” on its own.
In response to its instincts, AIBO behaves in a manner that will
satisfy its particular desires. If a desire is fulfilled, it will be
pleased. If a desire is left unsatisfied, emotions such as fear or
anger will grow within it.
When AIBO is well satisfied, it will feel tired of playing or
moving around and take a rest.
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