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AIBO’s autonomous activities
When AIBO cannot get up from a fall
AIBO tries to get up by itself when it falls. When it is not able to stand up, it
may ask you for help with the robot language. Give it your hand (Fig. 1) and
straighten it up (Fig. 2). AIBO will get up and start to move. If it does not
move, wake it up by pressing the touch sensor for more than five seconds.
To pause AIBO immediately
Press the pause button on the chest. To reactivate AIBO, place it on the floor
properly (see step 5 on page 29) and press the pause button once more.
If AIBO show s the “charging posture” on its ow n
AIBO is low on batteries. Place it on the station or replace the battery pack
(see page 76).
If AIBO stops moving
When AIBO is picked up from the floor or if your fingers get caught between
its legs or neck, AIBO will automatically stop all its motors. To revive AIBO
from this state, place it on the floor (see step 5 on page 29) and press the
touch sensor for more than 5 seconds. AIBO will resume the performance
mode and start moving.
To place the sleeping AIBO on the station
Gently shake it awake.
Then press “0“
“SEND” to set it to the “charging
posture” and place it on the station (see page 37).
If the chest and eye lights flash rapidly or if AIBO sounds for help
Internal heat may have built up or AIBO may be experiencing an internal trouble.
See page 86.
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