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Communicating via touch sensor
The touch sensor on its head reacts to three kinds of human touch: Approval,
scolding and drawing AIBO’s attention.
When touching the sensor, press
mark at the center of its head.
Approving AIBO
Gently press the touch sensor for more than two seconds.
AIBO will
recognize that it is being approved.
Scolding AIBO
Quickly press the touch sensor with a little force.
AIBO will understand
that it is being scolded.
Draw ing AIBO’s attention
Gently press the touch sensor for a second. AIBO will understand that you
are asking for its attention.
By approving or scolding AIBO, it will learn which behaviour is to be
approved or scolded. Such moderate education is good for forming AIBO’s
character. If you do not educate AIBO for an extended period of time, AIBO
may forget the activity that it was approved or scolded about.
Communicating via objects (the ball)
You can communicate with AIBO by waving hands in front of its
eye lights or by showing it a ball or colors.
AIBO will be delighted when you show it its favorite color, and
learn to be more joyful if you do so frequently. If you wave and
respond to AIBO asking for attention, AIBO will become satisfied
and be happy. On the other hand, if it is not in a playful mood, it
may not respond to its favorite color or your waving.
AIBO’s autonomous activities
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