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AIBO’s autonomous activities
AIBO, an autonomous robot, was created to have emotions,
instincts, learning ability and the capacity to mature. According
to its own judgement, it responds to people and movements,
sounds or colors of balls. As AIBO is fully active on its own, it
can surprise you with unexpected moves, making it a fascinating
You can send messages by touching AIBO or showing it objects.
AIBO will try to convey its message by using body language, eye
lights and making different sounds. AIBO will also act
autonomously while being charged on the station.
Engaging the autonomous mode
First, set AIBO to the autonomous mode.
The remote controlled AIBO will
automatically nap for a while and wake up in the autonomous mode when it
does not receive any commands for a while. When changing the mode with
the sound controller, do as follows.
Make sure the switch is set to A or B.
With this setting, you can use the sound controller with the numeric
Make sure the sound controller is turned on.
When the power is on, all the controller lights light up.
To turn the power on, press the
Press the buttons in order, as shown below.
AIBO will start moving autonomously.
Sometimes the eye lights light up to show AIBO’s emotional state
(see page 59).
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