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AIBO’s motion modes
The motion mode means AIBO’s state of activity. The AIBO in motion is
usually in the autonomous mode acting on its own free will. When you
change the motion mode, you can control how AIBO moves by using the
sound controller (remote-control mode) or can deliberately stop its activity
(sleep mode).
Such modes are indicated by AIBO’s eye lights (see page 95) and can be
changed with the sound controller.
About each motion mode
The following are quick notes on each motion mode.
Autonomous mode
AIBO acts autonomously. Its emotions, instincts
and will, all play important roles in this mode.
They help AIBO determine how to interact with
its environment, and affect its learning and
maturation process. When AIBO feels bored, it
will nap a while. To wake up the sleeping AIBO,
gently give it a shake.
For details, see Chapter 4 (page 50).
Performance mode
(type of remote-control mode)
AIBO will show you all kinds of performances.
You can also ask for a particular performance by
using the sound controller.
For details, see Chapter 5 (page 62).
To change AIBO to this mode, press:
To change AIBO to this mode, press:
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