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When going out for long
When you are going out for a long time, stop AIBO completely and
disconnect the station from the wall outlet.
Place AIBO on the station (see page 37).
Press the pause button on the chest.
AIBO starts saving data of its maturity level and activities on the
“Memory Stick.”
AIBO’s chest light flashes and the access light beside
the “Memory Stick” slot lights up while saving.
Unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet.
When you return
Connect the AC adapter to the wall outlet, then press the pause button on
AIBO’s chest to cancel the pause mode.
Do not remove the “Memory Stick” or the battery pack while the chest light is flashing
and the access light lights up (see page 76) . Doing so may cause damage.
When not playing with AIBO
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