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To w ake the sleeping AIBO
When AIBO is on the station, pick it up from the station. When it is on
the floor, gently shake it awake.
To send commands while AIBO is sleeping
AIBO will not listen to any commands while it is sleeping. Gently wake it up , then
send the command.
If AIBO does not accept the command “Sleep”
When set for the numeric commands, press “8”
“SEND” to match the
command type of AIBO to the same one as that of the sound controller.
AIBO does not accept commands while it emits sounds.
To place the sleeping AIBO on the station
Shake it awake, then set it to the “charging posture” and place it on the station (see step
4 on page 38.)
• Follow the precautions below so that your fingers do not get caught between AIBO’s
Do not touch AIBO other than in case of shaking it awake.
When you press down the pause button while AIBO is sleeping on the floor (not on
the station), be sure it is in the proper position (see step 5 on page 29) before you
release the pause button to cancel pause.
• Do not shake AIBO on the station as that may damage AIBO or the station.
When not playing with AIBO
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