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To pause AIBO immediately
Press the pause button on the chest. To reactivate AIBO, place it on the floor
in the proper position (see step 5 on page 29) and press the pause button once
When the battery runs out
When AIBO is low on batteries, it will request to be charged by sounding a
message in robot language, and will show the “charging posture” (see page
38) on its own, then it will shut itself off (chest light is off). Place it on the
station or replace the battery pack (see page 76).
As AIBO is already in the “charging posture,” place it on the station as it is
(see step 5 on page 38.)
To replace the battery
Be sure to press the pause button. This will prevent AIBO from suddenly
moving immediately after installing a new battery pack.
Before removing the battery pack, make sure that the access light beside the
“Memory Stick” is off.
Playing for the first time
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