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Playing for the first time
First, enjoy watching AIBO moving freely. Then make it pose by using the
sound controller, and place it on the station.
Enjoying AIBO’s autonomous activity
AIBO, an autonomous robot, learns and matures from experience. When you
purchase AIBO, think of it as having just been born.
AIBO first moves awkwardly and hardly gets up, but as it matures, it will be
able to move in more various ways.
See the “Raising AIBO – the handbook” for more information on its growth.
Push and release the pause button on AIBO’s chest.
Pause is canceled. AIBO starts to make an electronic sound. Moving its
head and tail, AIBO loads the data of its activities from the “Memory
Stick.” Leave AIBO as it is until loading is done.
Leave AIBO as it is, and enjoy its autonomous activities.
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