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First of all, get AIBO ready to move.
Preparing AIBO
Insert the “Memory Stick” and install the battery pack into AIBO.
AIBO has been set to the pause mode at the factory (the pause button on its
chest is pressed down).
The battery pack is not fully charged at the factory. With normal use, the
battery pack should last about half an hour. For details on charging the
battery pack, see page 74.
Make sure that the pause button on the chest is pressed down.
The button is pressed down about 1 mm.
Hold securely by the body and open the rear cover.
Slide the unlock button to open the cover.
• Pick up AIBO by the body, not by its extremities.
• Do not touch the charging terminal on the underside of AIBO directly with
your hand. Doing so may soil the terminal and cause poor contact.
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