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Capabilities of the sound
• Numeric commands: The entered combination of numbers (command
number) is sent as a command such as “Stand up” or “Sit down.”
• Single sound commands: Like a musical instrument, individual musical
tones are output by the sound controller when the command buttons are
pressed. This is useful when you want to hear the tones as you send a
• Game commands: Game-only commands such as “Move forward” are
assigned to the command buttons. This is useful when playing games such
as soccer.
In this operation manual, most of the commands sending procedures are
written as numeric commands. When sending commands in the single sound
system, refer to “List of commands” on page 91.
(2) Easy sw itching betw een command types
The same commands can be sent in two different
octaves (command type A and B) with the sound
controller. This is useful when there are two
AIBOs involved in a game (see page 69), where
commands must be distinguished for each robot.
You can set the command type using the switch
on the side of the sound controller. For details, see
“Index to parts and controls” on page 24.
(3) Auto OFF function
You can turn the sound controller on by pressing
the “C” button. The power turns off automatically
if the sound controller is not operated for three
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