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Preparation section
Special features
The large sound level meter represents the movement in music with brilliant colors to offer the joy of
viewing the music at the same time as listening.
Large-sized color display panel
Simplified operations using large-sized, Jog Dial
This dial allows you to set the CD program and timer-related operations while observing the operating
conditions shown by the display.
3-Disc carousel CD player
Three discs can be set. There are various ways for enjoyment at the time of program playback, repeat
playback, random playback, etc.
Multi-control jog dial (For use in selecting a function)
Timer programming : Timer playback, AI timer playback, and timer recording can be pro-
AI timer playback :
When the unit is turned ON by the timer, the sound level
increases gradually.
Sleep timer
: Useful when you want to go asleep while listening to music.
Convenient timer functions
Auto power save
When the power is ON and neither recording nor playback is executed for 30 minutes or more, the
power is switched off automatically.
When the power supply is restored after a power failure or the power cord is unplugged and plugged in again during
use, this unit automatically starts the demonstration function (display only). During the demonstration, the display
changes in sequence but the sound mode does not change.
To cancel :
To switch on and off the demonstration :
Press the DISPLAY/DEMO key during demon-
stration to stop it.
Turn the unit OFF (STANDBY mode) and press the
Each press of the key switches the demonstration
as shown below.
”Demo on“
(Demonstration on)
“Demo off”
(Demonstration off)
Multi language display function
The menu items for the operation can be displayed in any of five of languages, English, French, German,
Spanish, and Italian.
CD text information display (CD TEXT compatibility)
The text information (disc title and track titles) recorded into CDs can be displayed.