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A very common digital still picture format. A still-
picture data compression system proposed by the Joint
Photographic Expert Group, which features small
decrease in image quality in spite of its high
compression ratio.
A file format with a sound data compression system.
“MP3” is the abbreviation of Motion Picture Experts
Group 1 (or MPEG-1) Audio Layer 3. By using MP3
format, one CD-R or CD-RW can contain about ten
times as much data as a regular CD can.
DVD is specified to have each sound track constitute
one sound field. Multi-channel refers to a structure of
sound tracks having three or more channels.
Parental control
A function of the DVD to limit playback of the disc by
the age of the users according to the limitation level in
each country. The limitation varies from disc to disc;
when it is activated, playback will be prohibited if the
software’s level is higher than the user-set level.
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)
A system for converting analog sound signals to digital
signals for later processing, with no data compression
used in conversion.
Playback control (PBC)
Refers to the signal recorded on video CDs or SVCDs
for controlling reproduction. By using menu screens
recorded on a Video CD or SVCD that supports PBC,
you can enjoy interactive-type software as well as
software having a search function.
Play list
A list of selected titles to be played back in a specific
order. This option is only available with VR format and
must be created beforehand.
Progressive scan
It displays all the horizontal lines of a picture at one
time, as a signal frame. This system can convert the
interlaced video from DVD into progressive format for
connection to a progressive display. It dramatically
increases the vertical resolution.
Region code
A system for allowing discs to be played back only in
the region designated beforehand. This unit will only
play discs that have compatible region codes. You can
find the region code of your unit by looking on the
product label. Some discs are compatible with more
than one region (or ALL regions).
Produces a clear picture by sending separate signals for
the luminance and the color. You can use S-video only
if your TV has S-video input jack.
Super Audio CD
Audio format based upon the current CD standards but
includes a greater amount of information that provides
higher quality sound. There are three types of discs:
single layer, dual layer and hybrid discs. The hybrid
disc can be played on existing CD players as well as
Super Audio CD players since it contains both standard
audio CD and Super Audio CD information.
A system for creating realistic three dimensional sound
fields full of realism by arranging multiple speakers
around the listener.
The longest section of a picture or music feature on
DVD, music, etc., in video software, or the entire album
in audio software. Each title is assigned a title number
enabling you to locate the title you want.
Video output jack
Jack on the back of the DVD player that sends video to
a TV.
VR (Video Recording) format
A format which enables you to create a DVD disc that
can be extensively re-edited.
Super Audio CD disc type
Single layer disc
HD layer
Dual layer disc
Hybrid layer disc
HD layer
CD layer
HD layer
Hybrid Super Audio CD disc
CD layer that plays on any
CD player
- High Quality DSD Stereo
- High Quality DSD Multi-channel
High Density layer containing:
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