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No audio at digital output
Check the digital connections.
If you are playing a DTS source, check that your receiver can decode
DTS, and that [DIGITAL OUTPUT] is set to [ALL] (see page 32).
If you are playing an MPEG-2 source, check that your receiver can
decode MPEG-2. Otherwise, check that [DIGITAL OUTPUT] is set to
[PCM ONLY] (see page 32).
Check that the audio format of the selected audio language matches
your receiver capabilities.
Disc does not play
The CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW/R DL and DVD-R/RW must be finalized.
Check that the disc label is facing up.
Check whether the disc is defective by trying another disc.
If you have recorded a JPEG, MP3 or WMA disc yourself, check that
your disc contains at least ten JPEG picture files or five MP3/WMA
music tracks.
For MP3/WMA, check that the sampling rate and bit rate are
compatible. For JPEG, check that the resolution is compatible (see
“Specifications” on page 46).
Check the region code (see “Region codes” on page 3).
Picture freezes momentarily
during playback
Check the disc for fingerprints/scratches and clean it with a soft cloth
wiping from center to edge.
This unit does not respond to
the remote control
Aim the remote control directly at the remote control sensor on the front
Reduce the distance of the remote control from this unit.
Replace the batteries in the remote control.
Reinsert the batteries with their polarities (+/– signs) as indicated.
Buttons do not work
To completely reset this unit, unplug the power cable from the AC
outlet for 5-10 seconds.
This unit does not respond to
some operating commands
during playback
Some operations may not be permitted by the disc. Refer to the
instructions of the disc jacket.
This unit cannot read CD or
Use a commonly available CD/DVD lens cleaner to clean the lens
before sending this unit for repair.
“NO DISC” appears in the front
panel display
Check that the disc is placed in the disc tray correctly.
“UN DISC” appears in the front
panel display
The disc being loaded is not supported by this unit. Check the disc type
(see “Playable disc formats” on page 3).
Menu items cannot be selected
Press STOP (
) twice on the remote control before selecting the setup
Depending on the disc availability, some menu items cannot be
No sound during DivX
The audio codec may not be supported by this unit.
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