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This compact disc player is designed only for playing
back compact discs bearing the marks shown below.
Never attempt to load any other type of disc into the unit.
The unit can also play back 8 cm (3 inch) compact discs.
This unit may not be able to play back some CD-R/CD-RW
discs or discs on which recording was not made correctly.
This unit is not compatible with a CD-R/CD-RW disc
recorded with MP3 or WMA format.
Compact discs are not subjected to wear during
playback, but damage to the disc surface when the disc is
being handled can adversely affect the disc playback.
Do not use cleaning discs or warped discs. All of these
could damage the unit.
To prevent a malfunction of this unit
Do not use any non standard shaped CD (heart, etc.)
available on the market, because it may damage the unit.
Do not use a CD with tape, seals, or paste on it, because
damage to the unit may result.
Compact discs are not affected by small particles of dust
or fingerprints on their playing surface, but even so they
should be kept clean. Wipe by using a clean, dry cloth.
Do not wipe with a circular motion; wipe straight
outward from the center.
Do not try to clean the disc’s surface by using any type
of disc cleaner, record spray, anti-static spray or liquid,
or any other chemical-based liquid, because such
substances might irreparably damage the disc’s surface.
Do not expose discs to direct sunlight, high temperature
or high humidity for a long period of time, because these
might warp or otherwise damage the disc.
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