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If any of the symbols listed above are not displayed under the function heading, the operation
is applicable to all media.
Blu-ray Disc™
: Enjoy Blu-ray Disc™ viewing and storage, capable of storing five times more
data than a conventional DVD.
: Enjoy the interactive functions such as games or interactive menus, supported
Java™ applications.
: BD-ROM version 2 Profile 2.0 allows interactive functionality when this player is
connected to the Internet, in addition to the BONUSVIEW
function. The various functions
differ depending on the disc type.
Full high-definition video playback
: Watch movies in the highest picture quality available for
your HDTV. This player offers full high-definition video playback up to 1080p resolution for an
amazing viewing experience. A highly detailed picture and increased sharpness delivers a more
true-to-life picture.
DVD Upconversion for enhanced picture quality
: Your current DVD will look even better than
before thanks to video upconversion. Upconversion will increase the resolution of standard
definition DVD to near high definition up to 1080p over an HDMI
connection. The picture will
be less jagged and more realistic for a near high-definition experience.
Enjoy your content on different kinds of media
: Full backwards compatibility with Blu-ray
Disc™, DVD and CD ensures that you can continue to enjoy your current audio-video collection.
Additionally, you can view JPEG digital pictures or listen to MP3 or Windows Media™ Audio
music files.
: Some BD-videos have the PIP function which enables you to display the secondary video in
the primary video. You can call up the secondary video by pressing
on the remote whenever
the scene contains the secondary video.
Pop-up menu
: Some BD-video have pop-up menu which is a navigation menu that can be called
up and be operated on the TV screen without interrupting the playback. You can call up the pop-
up menu by pressing
on the remote. Contents in the pop-up
menu vary depending on the disc.
Playing back AVCHD™ files
: This player supports playback of AVCHD™ format files (new
format for high definition video camcorders) recorded on disc. Your high definition personal
archive is playable in HD quality.
: This player supports playback of video contents on discs recorded with “x.v.Color
technology. To watch this video content with the “x.v.Color
”, a TV or other display device
supporting both video image reproduction using the “x.v.Color
” standard and capable of
manually switching its color setting is required. Please refer to the User’s Guide of your display
device for further information.
(for model BDX3300KU/BDK33KU only): The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED
is an assurance that Wi-Fi
Alliance has tested a product in numerous configurations and with a
diverse sampling of other devices to ensure compatibility with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED
equipment that operates in the same frequency band.
Easy and simple connection to your HDTV via HDMI
: Connect this player to your HDTV
with one single HDMI
(High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. It is recommended to use
a High Speed HDMI
Cable for better compatibility. The high definition video output signal will
be transferred to your HDTV without conversion to analog signals, so you will get excellent
picture and sound quality.
-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)
: This player supports HDMI
-CEC, which
allows integrated system control over HDMI
and is part of the HDMI
standard. This function
may not work properly on some devices.