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Disc handling
Handle the discs so that fingerprints and dust do not adhere to the surfaces of the discs.
Always store the disc in its protective case when it is not used.
Note that discs with special shapes (heart-shaped discs, octagonal discs, etc.) cannot be played
back on this unit. Do not attempt to playback such discs, as they may damage the unit.
IR signal check
If the remote control is not working properly, you can use a digital camera (including a cellular
phone with built-in camera) to see if it is sending out an infrared signal.
Analog Audio
An electrical signal that directly represents sound. Compare this to digital audio which can be an
electrical signal, but is an indirect representation of sound.
Aspect Ratio
The width of a TV screen relative to its height. Conventional TVs are 4:3 (in other words, the TV
screen is almost square); widescreen models are 16:9 (the TV screen is almost twice as wide as it
is high).
AVCHD™ is a new format for high definition video camcorders which can record and play
high-resolution HD images.
With some Blu-ray Disc™ which support Java™ applications, you can enjoy the interactive
functions such as games or interactive menus.
BD-Live™ is a BD-video (BD-ROM version 2 Profile 2.0/Profile 1.1) which contains new
functions (e.g. Internet connection), in addition to the BONUSVIEW
Blu-ray Disc™ (BD)
Blu-ray Disc™ is a next generation optical video disc which is capable of storing much more
data than a conventional DVD is. The large capacity makes it possible to benefit from the
features such as high-definition videos, multichannel surround sounds, interactive menus and so
Just as a book is split up into several chapters, a title on a BD-video or DVD-video is usually
divided into chapters.
Component Video Output
Each signal of luminance (Y) and component (PB/CB, PR/CR) is independent to output so that
you can experience picture Color as it is. Also, due to compatibility with progressive video
(525p/480p), you can experience higher-density picture than that in interlace (525i/480i).
Digital Audio
An indirect representation of sound by numbers. During recording, the sound is measured at
discrete intervals (44,100 times a second for CD audio) by an analog-to-digital converter,
generating a stream of numbers. On playback, a digital-to-analog converter generates an analog
signal based on these numbers.
DNS Server
A server which translates Internet domain names into IP addresses.
The system to compress digital sound developed by Dolby
Laboratories. It offers you sound of
stereo (2ch) or multi-channel audio.
Digital Plus
Digital Plus is the next generation digital audio compression technology developed as an
extension to Dolby
Digital. Blu-ray Disc™ supports 7.1 multi-channel surround sound output.