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Troubleshooting & Maintenance
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Troubleshooting & Maintenance
No power
Check if the AC cord is properly connected.
Unplug the AC cord once, and wait for approximately 5-10 seconds and
then plug it in again.
No sound or picture
Check if the connected TV is turned on.
Check if the connections are made securely and correctly.
Check whether the connected TV or other device supports HDCP. (This
unit will not output a video signal unless the other device supports
Check whether the output format of this unit (HDMI
FORMAT) matches
the supported input format of other connected device.
Distorted picture
Sometimes a small amount of picture distortion may appear. This is not
a malfunction.
Connect this unit directly to the TV.
Completely distorted picture or black
/white picture with Blu-ray
Make sure the disc is compatible with this unit.
No sound or distorted sound
Adjust the volume.
Check if speakers are connected correctly.
Check the HDMI
Check the settings in the Audio menu.
Picture freezes momentarily during
Check the disc for fingerprints/scratches and clean with a soft cloth
wiping from center to edge.
Clean the disc.
Disc cannot be played back
Clean the disc.
Ensure the disc label is facing up.
Check if the disc is defective by trying another disc.
Cancel the ratings control or change the control level.
Insert a correct disc that can be played back on this unit.
No return to start-up screen when
disc is removed
Reset this unit by turning it off, then on again.
The unit does not respond to the
remote control
Aim the remote control directly at infrared sensor window on the front
Reduce the distance to infrared sensor window.
Replace the batteries in the remote control.
Re-insert the batteries with their polarities (+ / - signs) as indicated.
Buttons do not work or the unit stops
To completely reset the unit, unplug the AC cord from the AC outlet for
approximately 5-10 seconds.
The unit does not respond to some
operating commands during
Operations may not be permitted by the disc.
Refer to the instructions of the disc.