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Customizing the function settings
This option allows to update your product software via a Disc, USB storage or Network.
External Memory
BUDA Information: To display the external memory information.
Network connection setting
In the main
menu, press the (
) arrow buttons to select
, and then press
Press the (
) arrow buttons to select an option, and then press the
Press the (
) arrow button to go to the previous menu.
Internet Connection
To enable/disable the Internet connection.
To select the Ethernet or Wireless.
Connection Test
Selecting the Connection Test will cause the player to attempt to communicate with your home
network, and if successful, with a known Internet address. If both attempts are successful, your
network connection should be good. If the player can successfully connect to your home
network, but not to the known Internet address, your Internet service may be “down”, or your
security firewall may be blocking access of the player to the Internet.
IP Setting
To select Auto or Manual to set IP.
For step by step instruction, see “Connecting to a network” on page 16.
BD-Live™ Connection
Permitted - Always allows BD-Live™ network access.
Partial Permitted - Allows Internet access with valid BD-Live™ network access approval.
Prohibited - Never allows BD-Live™ Internet access.
Some (but not all) Blu-ray™ Discs contain additional features that are made available to players
that are connected to the Internet, and have additional memory added. These additional features
may include things like:
the ability to download new movie trailers
additional ‘commentary’ by actors and directors
multi-person game play and chat
In order to access BD-Live™ functions, the player must be properly configured for BD-Live™
Internet access, and it must be equipped with additional memory.
BD-Live™ requires connection of a USB flash drive of at least 1 GB (sold separately) to USB
port. For models without built-in Wi-Fi
, BD-Live™ is only supported via Ethernet so when
using single USB port for Internet access, BD-Live™ will not be available. Performance of
interactive features may vary due to disc design or content, and may also require an always-
on broadband Internet connection. Firmware update may be required for some interactive
features. Some features may require additional bandwidth. Internet services are available only
in the United States.
Deactivate CinemaNow
Deactivates the connected CinemaNow
Deactivate Hulu Plus™
Deactivates the connected Hulu Plus™ application