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DPF-3010/2010/1010 (En)
Adjusting the output levels of the output jacks
and headphone output (only for DPF-3010/2010)
The OUTPUT level (UP/DOWN) keys of the remote control unit can
adjust the output levels from the LINE/OUT jacks and PHONES jack
(DPF-3010 only) of the unit.
To use the headphone (only for DPF-3010)
Connect a stereo headphone to the PHONES jack of the CD player.
Adjust the sound volume using the remote control unit.
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Output level
It is not favorable for the sound quality to decrease the output level from
this unit too much. Use these keys for coordination with other line
Adjusting the headphone output level also changes the LINE/OUT
level. Do not adjust the output level from this unit particularly during
Please note that the sound output is at the maximum level when the
power is turned on.
Connection to a general-use amplifier
Use the provided audio cords to connect the OUTPUT jacks of this unit to the CD input jacks (or AUX jacks) of the amplifier.
Connection to digital amplifier or MD (only for DPF-3010/2010)
Connect the DIGITAL OUTPUT (OPTICAL) jack to the digital input jack
of the amplifier, DAT recorder, MD recorder, etc., using an optical
fiber cable which are commercially available in audio stores.
When using an optical fiber cable to connect this unit to a digital
amplifier, insert the plug straight into the jack until a snap sound is
Be careful not to bend, coil, or bundle the optical fiber cable.
Optical fiber cables available on the market may not always be able to
be used with this player. If your cord cannot be used with this unit,
consult the store from which you purchased the cord or your nearest
Optical fiber cable
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