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Manual Presetting (Using the Re-
mote Control)
1.Select a band by pressing the TUNER
BAND button.
2. Press the
button to tune in a station.
3. Set the preset number by pressing and hold-
ing the number key on the Remote Control.
To preset numbers 1 to 10: Press the number key and hold
down for 2 seconds.
To preset numbers 11 to 15: Press and release the +10 but-
ton, then press the second number key (1 to 5) and hold
down for 2 seconds.
When the preset display blinks, the setting is stored and you can
release the number key. The display returns to the normal band
and frequency display.
Example: Preset number = 12
4.Repeat steps 1 - 3 for each station.
To change the preset stations,
repeat the same steps as above.
The “STEREO” indicator lights up and you can hear stereo effects,
when a program is broadcast in stereo.
However if an FM stereo broadcast is hard to receive or noisy, you
can select Monaural mode. Reception improves, but you lose any
stereo effect.
Press the TUNER BAND button to select FM
MONO mode.
The “MONO” indicator lights up on the display.
To restore the stereo effect,
press the TUNER BAND button
to select FM Auto mode. The “MONO” indicator goes out.
Number key(s) (hold for 2 seconds)
To Change the FM
Reception Mode
Using the CD Player
Number keys
CD holder
JOG dial
Playing time, Preset number
Track number
Repeat indicator
(Display when using the CD Player)
CD indicator/
Analog clock
You can use Normal or Repeat Play. Repeat Play can be set to repeat
all or just one of the tracks on the CD.
One Touch CD Player
(AC power only)
Just press the CD
The power is automatically turned on. If a CD is already
inserted, “PLAY” is displayed and the CD will start play-
ing from the first track.
If no CD is inserted, “NO DISC” is displayed on the dis-
play and the CD Player remains in Stop mode.
1. Press the CD OPEN button on the Unit.
The CD holder opens.
2. Place a CD, with its label side up.
3. Gently close the CD holder by hand.
4. Press the CD
The first track of the CD begins playing.
The CD Player automatically stops when the last track of the CD has
finished playing.
During playback, the track number being played and the play-
back time elapsed are shown on the display.
To stop playing the CD,
press the
The following information for the CD is displayed.
To pause,
press the CD
To cancel pause,
press the CD
again. Play continues from
the point where it was paused.
You can place an 8 cm (3'') CD without an adaptor.
If the CD cannot be read correctly (because it is scratched, for
example), “000000” appears on the display.
Even if other function is selected during playing the CD, the
last track is memorized.
Normal Play
Playback time elapsed
Total number of tracks
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