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When power is supplied from the batteries:
When the Unit is turned off with the POWER button on the Unit
(the POWER button on the Remote Control is ineffective), the
Standby indicator goes out and the display is blank.
To switch off the Unit completely, remove the batteries from the
You can adjust the volume level between 0 and 25 when the Unit is
turned on.
Turn the VOLUME control on the Unit to the right or left to in-
crease or decrease the volume level.
Press the VOLUME + or – button on the Remote Control to increase
or decrease the volume level.
CAUTION: DO NOT turn on the Unit and/or start
playing any source without first setting the
VOLUME control to 0, as a sudden blast of sound
can damage your hearing, speakers and/or head-
For private listening
Connect a pair of headphones to the PHONES jack. No sound
comes out of the speakers.
Be sure to turn down the volume before connecting or putting on
You can reinforce the bass sound to maintain rich, full bass at low
volume (you can use this effect only for playback):
To get the effect,
press the AHB (Active Hyper Bass) PRO
The “AHB PRO” indicator lights up on the display.
To cancel the effect,
press the button again.
The “AHB PRO” indicator goes out.
The System has the following preset sound effects that give you
control over the way your music sounds, so you can tailor it to the
acoustics of your room and the quality of your source. Test the
sound effects out to hear how each affects the music. Note that the
effects work only during playback.
Sound effects
No sound effect.
Boosts low and high frequencies.
Good for vocal music.
For a wide, dynamic stereo sound.
To get an effect,
press the SOUND button repeatedly until the
Sound mode you want appears on the display.
Each time you press the SOUND button, the display changes as
shown below:
To cancel the effect,
press the SOUND button until “FLAT” ap-
pears on the display.
In standby mode, both a digital and an analogue are displayed.
In Standby mode, both clocks are displayed on the display.
When the Unit is turned on, the analogue clock only is displayed.
To display both clocks while the Unit is turned on,
the CLOCK/TIMER button on the Unit.
To return to the original display,
press the CLOCK/TIMER
button on the Unit once again.
You need to set the clock first in order for it to work. (See
“Setting the Clock” on page 9.)
Adjusting the Volume
Reinforcing the Bass Sound
Sound Effects (SOUND)
Showing the Time (DISPLAY)
Digital clock
Analog clock
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