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Getting Started
Check that you have all of the following items, which are supplied with the System.
Power Cord (1)
Remote Control (1)
If any of these items are missing, contact your dealer immediately.
How To Put Batteries In the Unit
Open the battery cover on the back of the Unit by pulling it toward you while pressing the tabs as shown by the arrows.
Put 8 batteries (not supplied) in the battery compartment in the order of
“1” to “8”
as shown.
Securely close the battery cover.
When you operate your Unit on mains (AC) power, the power source switches automatically from batteries to AC. However, you should
remove the batteries when operating on AC power.
How To Put Batteries In the Remote Control
Match the polarity (+ and –) on the batteries with the + and – markings in the battery compartment.
CAUTION: Handle batteries properly.
To avoid battery leakage or explosion:
Remove batteries when the Unit or the Remote Control will not be used for a long time.
When you need to replace the batteries, replace batteries at the same time with new ones.
Do not use an old battery with new ones.
Do not use different types of batteries together.
Do not try to recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
The Remote Control makes it easy to use many of the functions of the Unit from a distance of up to 7m (23 feet) away.
You need to point the Remote Control at the remote sensor on the Unit’s front panel.
If you point the Remote Control from the slant direction, the above distance will be shortened.
How To Put Batteries
Using the Remote Control
“R20/D (13F)” size batteries
(not supplied)
Remote sensor
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