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Using the Cassette Deck
(Display when using the Cassette Deck)
REC indicator
TAPE indicator
Analogue clock
Things To Know Before You Start
Recording —————————————
It should be noted that it may be unlawful to re-record
pre-recorded tapes, records, or discs without the con-
sent of the owner of copyright in the sound or video re-
cording, broadcast or cable program and in any literary,
dramatic, musical, or artistic work embodied therein.
The correct recording level is automatically set by the ALC
(Automatic Level Control) function, and is not affected by the
VOLUME control on the Unit or by the use of sound effects.
Two small tabs on the back of the cassette tape, one for side A
and one for side B, can be removed to prevent accidental erasure
or recording.
To record on a cassette with the tabs removed, you must cover
the holes with adhesive tape as shown.
Use normal tapes (not metal or CrO
tapes) for recording.
At the start and end of cassette tapes, there is leader tape which
cannot be recorded onto.
If a recorded tape you make has excessive noise or static, the
Unit may have been too close to a TV during the recording.
Either turn off the TV or increase the distance between the TV
and the Unit.
1.Press the
STOP/EJECT button to open
the cassette holder.
a blank or erasable cassette tape
with the exposed side facing upward as
shown below and wind past the leader tape.
3.Close the holder gently until it clicks.
4.Tune in to a radio station.
5.Press the
REC button on the Unit.
The PLAY button is pressed at the same time, the “REC” indi-
cator lights up, and the Unit begins recording.
The tape is recorded and then stops when it reaches the
The TAPE indicator always turns to the right when its tape
is travelling.
To pause the recording,
press the
PAUSE button on the Unit.
To cancel pause,
press the
PAUSE button again. Recording
continues from the point where it was paused.
To stop recording,
press the
STOP/EJECT button.
To remove the tape,
stop the tape, and press the
EJECT button again to open the cassette holder.
Recording an AM station (BEAT CUT)
When recording an AM broadcast, beats may be produced which
are not heard when listening to the broadcast. If this happens, you
can use the BEAT CUT function.
Switch the BEAT CUT switch on
the back of the Unit from the
NORM-1 to 2 or 3.
In regular use, the BEAT CUT switch
should be set to the NORM-1 position.
The CD Player can be started with the Cassette Deck for synchro-
nous recording and everything on the CD recorded onto the tape in
the order it is on the CD.
1. Insert a cassette tape in the Cassette
Deck and wind past the leader tape.
2. Load a CD.
3. Press the CD
4. Press the
button to stop the CD.
You can check the number of tracks and the total playback time
of the CD on the display. (See page
5. Select the Repeat mode of the CD if
To select the Repeat mode (
ALL), press the RE-
PEAT button on the Remote Control.
6.Choose whether to have approx. four sec-
onds of blank tape between tracks.
If you want the blank section,
skip this step.
If you do not want the blank section,
perform the follow-
ing operation on the CD Player.
Press the CD
button twice.
Recording from the Radio
Forward direction
Recording from the CD
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