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Cautions on using media
Inserting a disc
Set the disc in the tray label side up.
Make sure the disc tray is fully open when inserting the disc.
“00 Tr 00 : 00” is displayed if a disc that cannot be played is loaded.
“NO DISC” is displayed if the disc is loaded upside-down or if no
disc is loaded.
Only load one disc at a time. Loading two or more discs can damage
the unit or scratch the discs.
Do not use cracked or warped discs or discs that have been repaired
with adhesive, etc.
Do not use discs on which the sticky part of cellophane tape or labels
is exposed or on which there are traces of where labels have been
removed. Such discs can get caught inside the player and damage it.
Do not use discs in special shapes, as they may damage the player.
Do not push the disc tray in by hand when the power is off.
Doing so could damage the set.
How to handle media
Do not get fingerprints, oil or dirt on discs.
Take special care not to scratch discs when removing them from
their cases.
Do not bend or heat discs.
Do not enlarge the hole in the center.
Do not write on the labeled (printed) surface with ball-point pens,
pencils, etc., or stick new labels on discs.
Condensation may form on discs if they are moved suddenly from a
cold place (outdoors for example) to a warm place, but do not try to
dry discs with a hairdryer, etc.
After use, be sure to remove any disc, and store it in its proper case,
to avoid dust, scratches and deformation.
Do not store discs in the following places:
1. Places exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time
2. Dusty or humid places
3. Places exposed to heat from heaters, etc.
Cleaning discs
If there are fingerprints or dirt on a disc, wipe them off before using
the disc.
Use a commercially available disc cleaning set or a soft cloth to clean
Gently wipe the disc from the
inside towards the outside.
Do not wipe with a circular
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