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Playable media
MP3 or WAV playback order of MP3 or
WAV files
playback order of folders is automatically set when this unit reads the
media. The files in each folder are played back in the order in which
the files were recorded on the media, from the oldest date and time.
For playback of files on CD-R or CD-RW , files in all folders on the first
layer are played first, next on the second layer, then next on the third
layer, and so on in this order.
The playback order displayed on a PC may differ from the actual
playback order.
the writing software.
About Discs and Files
large segments (folders) and small segments (files). Files are stored in
folders, and folders can be placed for storage in a hierarchy. The unit
Folder 2
Folder 1
File 1
File 4
File 5
File 6
File 7
1st level
2nd level
3rd level
File 2
File 3
Folder 3
software’s format to “ISO9660”. The files may not play properly if
they are recorded in other formats. For details, refer to the instructions
of your writing software.
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